• Thank you for treating my Dad while he was recovering from his hip operation. I am certain you made a difference.

          RW, East Sussex

  • Just had Louise here and she is fab. The pony loved her, I loved her, she was great. Please pass on my thanks and I look forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks.

         Miss F, East Sussex

  • Pippa is an expert practitioner and has a whole body approach to her treatments. Whether she is de-cricking my neck or relieving a sports injury she focuses not only on the bit that hurts, but the rest of me too, and that is so important.

         Mrs H, East Sussex

  • A holistic approach to pain management has helped me become more active.

         CF, East Sussex

  • Thank you so much for the treatment yesterday. I'd been feeling so ropey, and you listened and asked all the right questions. The treatment was just what I needed to encourage recovery, and having been under the weather for such a long time I feel much more positive about being able to get better. I just don't know what state I would be in without you.

         R, East Hoathly

  • I came to see Louise because I had painful feet, after the treatment I felt brilliant. Osteopathy always makes me feel better.

         Mrs. P-M, East Hoathly

  • I was recovering from an ankle injury but making slow progress. After Osteopathic treatment it felt as if layers of tension related to the accident were removed, like peeling an onion, and my ankle returned to normal.

         JG, East Sussex

  • My husband walked in to your practice bent over like a paperclip and after his treatment walked out as straight a s a ruler! Thanks Pippa he'll be coming back next time.

         Mrs. S,  Near Lewes, East Sussex

  • Dear Pippa and Louise, Thank you for your care, my hip and back have improved no end. I do not think I will need an appointment in the near future.

         Mrs, F,  East Sussex

  • Four weeks ago I had a sore neck, tennis elbow and a really bad back. I didn't think it would improve quickly; and the back problem had a major effect on my capabilities. After just 3 treatments I am almost over the issues. I am confident in managing any small residual issue using what Becca has told me. The treatments have quickly returned me to a healthy condition and I am able to go back to doing all those things that have been mounting up. This has been amazing, thank you Becca and Osteopathy For All.

         Mr P W,  East Sussex


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