New Years Resolutions

So we are 4 weeks into the new are your new year's resolutions going? Movement, hydration and rest are key in having a healthy body. If pain or discomfort are preventing you from moving then now would be a good time to pop in and get some help.

We are really well placed to help you with not only releasing and correcting and tension in the body but also with providing advice on keeping yourself fit, healthy, supple and pain free.

Rotating your activities is a good idea to prevent repetitive strain injuries. 

If you are going to the gym, mix it up with a swim. If you are running, intersperse it with some strength and conditioning exercise. This not only goes for these activities. It also applies in the garden. Mix up your tasks by doing some sweeping and then stand up and do some pruning or tying back. 

Above all if it hurts, STOP, and seek some ADVICE.

Speaking of stopping; whilst generally it is good to move we also need to allow our bodies to rest. So fitting in a rest day to any fitness regime is important. 

Finally, hydration; This is key to helping keep your muscles healthy whether you are exercising or not! We need approximately 8 to 10 glasses(2 litres)  of water per day. If you find water hard to drink try to tie it in with another habit for example every time you put the kettle on to make coffee or tea have a glass of water while you wait. 

Speaking of  advice; Louise Field, one of our Osteopaths, is our exercise specialist so if you would like some help with treatment or exercises then Louise is in the practice on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and evenings.