Thoracic Exercises

  • Do this sitting down.
  • Only move within you pain free range
  • repeat each level 5 times to each side initially only building up when you feel ready
  • Stop if you have concerns.

The thoracic spine which occupies the back of the rib cage is very important in the Pain, Fatigue and Anxiety aspects of chronic conditions. You may not specifically have pain in this area of your spine but this area is often restricted and can also be slightly flattened in people who suffer especially with fatigue (see research)

The Autonomic Nervous System, that is involved in our Fight/Flight/Freeze response, sits in a chain either side of the spine just in front of the rib (heads) in this region and can be associated with the cause and the effects of the spinal health in this area.

Below is a video showing some very gentle mobilization exercises for this area of the spine. Before doing any exercises please check with your healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns.