There is so much information available out there claiming that certain supplements will change your life and indeed they can be useful. At Osteopathy For All we are not nutritionists and so therefore recommend that if you need more in depth guidance to find your local nutritionist for more information. However, these are the supplements that we find supportive to the body in chronic pain.

When the body is stressed and overwhelmed,  by taking supplements you are taking the pressure off the body having to produce them or obtain them only from food. Again supplements alone are not going to cure your chronic pain but they will help support your recovering body. We recommend the best quality supplements that you can afford.


A high quality multivitamin supplement will support your diet. A little bit of everything will do you good.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for boosting your immune system. It is indicated to aid with chronic pain and can also decrease the effects of memory fog that often accompanies it. More information here...

Omega 3

This supplement has been found to reduce inflammation and pain. See study here...

Vitamin D

The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are very similar to those of fibromyalgia/chronic pain.. Vitamin D is produced in the skin when it is exposed to the sun and many people now are deficient due to the protection of the skin with sun cream. Vitamin D supplements are a good place to start and may be a good supplement to take through the winter. The best way to boost vitamin D is 10 minutes out in the sun each day.