Meditation/Self hypnosis is excellent to help reset the nervous system.

You can use it as a tool whilst you are feeling in pain or when very anxious but also in calmer moments. Think of it as rebooting your computer and as you relax it will reset your nervous system. 

Find a quite place where you won't be disturbed for the required amount of time and get as comfortable as possible. It is quite a personal thing so whilst we have meditation video links below this is just to start you off and you can then find ones that suit you.  You may find it hard to relax initially but persevere and your body will start to look forward to it.  You may feel anxious about meditating so we recommend listening first without actually trying to meditate to see how it feels.

Heal Your Body Meditation

Gentle Anxiety Meditation

Releasing Anxiety

15 Minute Beginner Meditation

15 Minute Beginner Meditation

Calm Your Nervous System