Chronic Pain Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to start you towards recovery and support you on your journey. You can use them alone but they can also be used to enhance chronic pain specific Osteopathy and Mindbody methods available at Osteopathy For All.


All of the tools are here to help you and your body, so listen to what your body is telling you it needs and select what suits you. Each person is different and will therefore need a different set of tools. Each person is also on a different part of their pain journey.  The aim of the tools is to help calm the overwhelm within your body and reduce the pain that results from it with an aim to get you pain free and back to normal life and activities. 


Start by picking one thing a day (click on a picture to discover more) Have a read and see what is manageable for you. This is your recovery and whilst each of these tools alone will not heal you completely they are a stepping stone and support mechanism to aid your way back to a pain free life. 


You are in control. If you try something and it feels helpful then think about adding another tool. If what you try doesn't sit comfortably then stop and try something different. There are some that you will only need to do once and others that you can build gently into your daily routine. You cannot cannot get it wrong...just keep taking baby steps to in nurturing yourself back to a pain free life.


The toolkit is currently not complete but we are selecting the best tools we can to aid you on your recovery. Please bear with us. For more information please email