Anxiety and Overwhelm

Anxiety or overwhelm accompany many long term symptoms including pain. We often don't realise that they are a key part of the picture.

It may manifest as the main symptom such as panic attacks or more subtly as sleep disturbance. 

Anxiety can be as a result of a specific incident or long term stress and overwhelm. It can make the symptoms worse which in turn makes the anxiety worse and then perpetuates the vicious cycle. In most people with long term persistent pain there is an element of overwhelm and this can be felt as tension or fizzing within the tissues of the body.

Osteopathic treatment can help to break the physical side of the anxiety and other areas of our toolkit, such as Meditation, Tapping, or Tai Chi can help reset the nervous system. 

Often what we think of as purely physical symptoms, such as pain and stiffness are strongly connected to an emotional event that can have occurred as far back as childhood. This causes a heightened state of alertness in our fight/flight response and sets up a pattern of over-sensitivity and overwhelm that the body eventually manifests as symptoms, such as pain or panic attacks, in an effort to slow us down. 

The MindBody approach we take to treatment at Osteopathy For All can help reset these symptoms.