Being a Mother is an ever changing experience not only for you as a person but also for your body.

Pregnancy causes many changes over a short space of time. The spinal posture has to adapt to the growing bump as it alters the centre of gravity causing the spinal muscles to work much harder. Some women adapt well to this but in others it can cause discomfort. This is often felt in the low back and the lower ribs. 

Changes in the spreading pelvis can cause Syphosis Pubis Dysfuction which causes pain at the joint at the front of the pelvis, or sciatica causing pain in the buttocks and back of the thigh.  Many of these can be helped by gentle Osteopathic treatment.

Ensuring that your pelvis is mobile and not restricted at the end of the pregnancy is good preparation for delivery.

As quickly as it has all changed in one direction, after delivery, it all has to alter again and this is accompanied by a good dose of the body's own relaxing hormones which stay in the body after delivery for a while especially if you are breastfeeding. This is always a good time to have a postpartum osteopathic check up so that as all the muscles and ligaments start to tighten up again the body is as balanced as possible. 

There are many stages of Motherhood and we mustn't forget Grandmothers. Feeling a bit creaky after the grandchildren race you round the garden?  We can help ease out those aches and pains too.

Keeping mobile at all points in the journey helps keep your body healthy.