#Osteopath In The House

One of the most amazing parts of being an Osteopath is helping people. Cheesy, I know, but true.


We can help by reducing or eliminating their pain, stiffness and discomfort with Osteopathic treatment but we can also help by working with patients to identify and address, if possible, the cause of their condition.

One of the benefits of spending longer with our patients is having the time to get to the bottom of why they are struggling with pain and discomfort. Sometimes these are purely physical. Injury as the result of a fall or a sports strain.


However, sometimes there is a lifestyle factor involved.

Stress is the curse of our age and is often overlooked as a cause of pain. When we feel stressed we tense up, when we tense up it causes prolonged bouts of excess muscle use which the body doesn't like. If the stressful period last for a long time the muscle fibres will start to become more fibrous, and less elastic, as they perceive being overworked even if there is no overt physical exertion. This in turn causes stiffness and pain.


Other factors that can be identified things like sitting position at work or at home. We see a number of patients who have rotational strains through their low backs just from the position they sit on the sofa in or from always having their wallet in the same back pocket. The influence can be small but have a big effect. You wouldn't walk around with a small stone in your shoe for months, would you?


When you are in a situation, it is sometimes difficult to see the whole picture which is where your Osteopath may be able to help. I don't know whether any of you saw BBC1's  Doctor in the house on Monday. This illustrated that by looking at the whole picture, rather than just taking medication, can help resolve some truly complex conditions. 


If you want help to get to the root cause of your pain or discomfort and to have treatment to relieve the symptoms and assistance in finding a plan of action to keep them at bay then we are here for you. 

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