Swim, Dance, Garden or Sing your pain away...

This blog title isn't meant to sound flippant. As a chronic pain/fatigue sufferer I really know what it is like to be in so much pain, so much of the time, that you never think that you will be able to do anything again, let alone something you used to love. It feels overwhelming and unmanageable. 

However, if you can find something that you love and manage to do it even a couple of times a week, or every day for a short time it will help your body to feel better and reduce your pain. When we are more relaxed and happy our Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels reduce and this in turn can help to reduce our pain.

When my pain was really bad and my energy levels were really low I, initially, survived on a diet of Netflix. It meant I rested and was distracted from the pain. If that is all you can manage and you enjoy films and box sets it is well worth the subscription. 

But what makes you tick...

I sing...some of you may have seen The Singing Osteopath video that was our Friday Funny last week on our Facebook page. There is a link below for anyone who missed it . Singing is something that I could do that didn't cause me too much discomfort or use up too much energy and the benefits of the joy it brings are huge. It sets me up for the week.

What brings you joy? 

Walk...to the end of the garden and back...Dance...even if it is just on the spot in your kitchen.

With spring coming, if you are a passionate gardener, but are frustrated because you cannot get stuck in due to pain and stiffness, could you plant up some pots and put them outside the window to enjoy whilst you are resting. If someone can help you by putting everything on a table so you don't need to bend to garden you may still find pleasure in it. If you are not quite up to this, even sitting out in the sun at midday for 10 minutes will help elevate your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency can cause pain and stiffness and is very common in Britain today in all area of the population.

As I started to improve I was able to start swimming and then walking my dogs again. As we move our bodies not only does it allow our muscles to stretch but it also improves the blood supply and the lymphatic drainage which in turn boosts the health of our bodies so that gradually we start to recover. It can be a long process but each baby step we take is worth it. 

At Osteopathy For All we are also here to help support your body and to help get it moving.


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